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Understanding the Serious Repair Issues as a Result of Misfuelling

The moment you realise you have misfuelled, you simply need to pull over and ask for help. You are guaranteed to have help on the way. They will make sure that the wrong fuel is removed from your vehicle and bring you to a safe location. Wherever you are, you can get the right kind of help.

Fuel drain from diesel in a petrol car is one thing. Having the damage repaired is another. This is not easy. You have to prepare for the worst once you have misfuelled.

Severe damage

The level of damage will depend on how long you have driven with the wrong fuel. In some cases, only a few pipes might be affected. They won’t cost a lot to repair. This happens if you immediately noticed the problem and stopped driving. In the event that you didn’t realise the problem or simply ignored it and kept on driving, the next thing that could happen is severe damage to your vehicle. Not only will the pipes be affected, other parts like filters, injectors and the fuel tank could also be damaged.

Understanding the cost

Your vehicle will first be assessed. The problems will be checked to see if there are ways to solve them. If the cost is affordable, you can proceed with the work.

Replacement could be the best thing

There are instances though in which the problem is too severe. The entire engine might already be affected. Repairs could still be done, but it is impractical. The reason why it is not advised is that you could end up spending more money. The parts are expensive and the labour costs are also expensive. At this point, you might have to consider replacing the entire engine.

Engines cost a lot of money, but if you wish to salvage the vehicle, this is the best choice, unless you don’t think the vehicle is worth saving and you would rather invest in a new vehicle instead.

When you replace the entire engine with a new one, your vehicle will be free from all the damage. You will have spent a lot but there will be an assurance that you won’t need further repairs in the future. In short, you will actually save money in the long run. If you calculate the cost and you realise it is cheaper than doing all the huge repairs, replacing the entire engine could be the best way forward.

No one wants to experience misfuelling. But if you do, you have to face the consequences because of this mistake and make sure not to have this problem ever again. You can’t afford another misfuel in the future.

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