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Need Help to Drain Fuel From Your Car?

It won’t take a while before you realise that you have misfueled. You will immediately see black smoke coming out of the vehicle. You will also suffer from an erratic engine. It starts to slow down up until it comes to a stop. This is a problem you don’t want to face. Here are things to avoid when facing this problem.

Driving continuously

You are in the middle of the road and you don’t want to get stuck there. You decide that the best way out is to keep on driving up until you have found a safer location. This is a big no. Once you keep driving, the problem could get worse. The engine might end up with more problems up until it becomes impossible to fix. The best thing to do is to just pull over. Turn everything off and call the rescue company to do a complete fuel drain. They will make sure that the wrong fuel is totally removed from the vehicle.b1d

Draining the fuel yourself

You can find tutorials online regarding fuel draining. They can be useful. They are also quite clear if you look at them. However, without experience in fixing a car, it could be a big problem. You will end up making the problem worse. Instead of draining it properly, you could destroy the pipes and other parts. Therefore, you better wait for help to arrive instead of fixing the problem yourself.

Panic and attract attention

This is the type of problem that will surely not be fixed even if you can find help nearby. Don’t dare ask people to stop and help you. This will just place you in danger. You can just sit down and wait for the fuel rescue company to arrive. They know more. They have dealt with this problem many times in the past. You don’t want people to know that you have stopped because you are in big trouble. This would make you more vulnerable.

Asking for an on the scene repair

You want to use your vehicle right away so you ask for a mechanic to immediately fix the problem. It won’t help. The damage could be severe. Whether it is petrol in diesel engine or the other way around, the engine could be totally damaged especially if you have driven for a really long distance. The best thing to do is to find a place where the vehicle can be properly assessed before appropriate response can be made.

The problem could be worse than you think. The engine will be totally damaged in some cases and simple repairs won’t suffice. The entire engine has to be replaced with something new. You might even be told that it is not practical to repair the engine anymore considering the severity of the damage.

By avoiding these things, you can at least keep yourself safe throughout the ordeal and eventually find a way to salvage the vehicle.

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