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Below is a list of some common questions that our customers have asked and you may find helpful.

What should I do if I have put the wrong fuel in my car?

Call Motoserve immediatley, we can help.
Don’t try to start the car, as the electric fuel pump will circulate the petrol through the whole system and may lead to major expensive repairs.

How long will it take to carry out a fuel drain?

On arrival Motoserve should have the fuel drained and replenished with the correct fuel, the fuel system flushed, and in most cases have you back on the road in one hour.

Is misfuelling covered by my break down cover or my insurance?

Misfuelling is not normally covered by your Breakdown cover or by your insurance!

Will a small amount of petrol harm my diesel engine vehicle?

Older style diesel engines may tolerate a small amount of petrol mixed with diesel without too much damage, although this is definitely not recommended.

Newer Common Rail diesel fuel systems are very sophisticated and are far less tolerant of the wrong fuel and any level of petrol risks serious damage, as the high-pressure pumping elements rely on the lubrication properties of the diesel fuel.

Petrol is a solvent which strips away the diesel fuel from the highly loaded pumping elements causing catastrophic damage.

What about diesel fuel in a unleaded vehicle?

While this is less common, it does happen. Diesel fuel in petrol vehicles generally doesn’t cause too many problems, as often the engine simply won’t run. If it will run, typical symptoms that should not be ignored are pinging, exhaust smoke, loss of power and oil contamination due to incomplete combustion.

How can I have put diesel in a unleaded car?

An unleaded pump nozzle is smaller in diameter than a diesel nozzle and fits without resistance – a slight loss in concentration and the damage is done.

How long will a garage take to repair my car after a misfuel and how much will it cost?

The extent of the work required to rectify petrol in a diesel vehicle will depend on the type of vehicle and how long it has operated on the wrong fuel.

In the worst case, expect a bill for several thousand euros (repair costs of in excess of €2,000 are common), as rectification could require repair or replacement of much of the fuel system, as well as repairs to the engine itself if it has suffered damage. The best case, where the fuel has been put in the tank but the engine wasn’t started, will involve draining the system and adding the correct fuel.

If my unleaded car has run with diesel in the tank will a fuel drain have any effect?

If the engine has operated on a diesel / petrol mixture for some time it is possible to damage pistons, along with the crankshaft and bearings. In most cases however, rectification will only involve draining the fuel, flushing the lines to remove the diesel and refilling with petrol.

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